I'm Awkward & Nervous

Yesterday’s concert was amazing.

Modern Baseball obviously came up first and that set was just so much fun. I want to see them again just to have that much fun again. It was an awesome set.

After was CItizen and I don’t  listen to them that much but the set was fun anyways.

Next was Real Friends and they fucking killed it. I’m pretty sure Dan was high but whatever. Tons of crowd surfers and me and my friend got thrashed about but it was alright. Loved that set.

Next was Fireworks and they were awesome too. They did great and surprisingly not that many people knew the words but enough did. Midway through one of their songs a girl passed out and all the bands looked worried but it was okay in the end.

Next was my favorite band, The Wonder Years. Amazing band. Amazing set. Me and my friend cried during Dismantling Summer cause that song means a lot to us. It was an AMAZING set. I didn’t see the last three songs though cause my friend passed out and I obviously went to go to the EMT room. After that she was fine. And as we were walking out, another girl passed out and when my friend saw the gurney she passed out, again. Kinda like seeing blood I guess. IDK she has a history of medical issues and I guess seeing that girl just made her faint.

Either way. Amazing show. I wouldn’t have wanted to see it with anyone else.

abattleofwords: Did you have fun at the concert????? 

Loads, only issue was that my friend was one of the girls who passed out so I obviously went backstage to her and we both missed the last three songs. But it’s okay cause she didn’t go to the hospital or anything.

Day 258: Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want-The Smiths

Haven’t had a dream in a long time
see, the life I’ve had
can make a good man bad